Backing Up is Hard to Do (but very important)

Grace Hopper once said that hardware has no importance. It is only the information stored on it that matters.

The information you have on your web site is what’s important, not the speed at which the server runs or the bandwidth of your Internet connection. To this end, it is incumbent upon everyone to ensure their files are backed up frequently.

Backing up the hidden elements of your web site
Modern web sites employ many techniques to create and deliver their content. Web sites are often driven by php and perl scripts, with much of their content stored in MySQL databases. Simply ‘capturing’ a set of web pages – viewing them in a browser and saving them as files – won’t back up these hidden elements.

If you are working with a web developer, be certain to ask them about what scripts that have been employed in the creation of your web site as well as how and where they are backed up. If your web site uses a database, ask your developer about the frequency with which it is backed up and where those backups are stored. Remember, the best place to store any backup is somewhere physically away from the web server itself.

If you don’t have a web developer or no longer work with whoever created your web site then you should find someone local and ask them to review your web site and its backup procedures and update them where needed.