Hurricane Electric IPv6 Gear

As soon as we started giving away t-shirts to all of our Hurricane Electric IPv6 Sages, they became a sort of badge of honor for the thousands of Sages who have received them so far.

The Sage shirts are free, but they don’t come easy.  The IPv6 certification is designed not just for theoretical but practical knowledge and use of IPv6.  For that reason, you won’t be able to purchase an IPv6 Sage t-shirt.

However, you’re now able to obtain a few other items to express your love of IPv6 knowledge at the Hurricane Electric IPv6 store by CafePress.

You never know what sort of conversations some IPv6 gear will start up.  For all current IPv6 Sages, consider it an extension of the free t-shirt you’ve already earned.  To all of the future Hurricane Electric Sages, we hope some IPv6 gear will be the stimulus you need to get out there and attain your certification.

At the very least, it’s one more way to share in the growing deployment of the new principal communications protocol for the global Internet.

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  1. Hey, your referenced RFCs are way out of date. RFC 2373 (don’t you mean 4291)? Or 2462 –> 4862.

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