HE POPs at Equinix, Digital Realty/Telx, Interxion, Cologix & more

Hurricane Electric provides IP Transit through Points of Presence (POPs) at more than 100 data centers around the world.

These include POPs at facilities operated by Equinix, Digital Realty, Telx, Interxion, Cologix, Telehouse, Itconic (Telvent), and CE Colo.

You can view our current locations on our Network Map (PDF), or in a text format at pop.he.net.  As of July 2016, we have POPs at these facilities:

Equinix facilities (Asia)

  • Equinix Hong Kong HK1
  • Equinix Osaka OS1
  • Equinix Singapore SG1
  • Equinix Tokyo TY2

Equinix facilities (Europe)

  • Equinix Amsterdam (Telecity AMS2)
  • Equinix Dublin (Telecity Kilcarbery)
  • Equinix Frankfurt FR5
  • Equinix London (Telecity Harbour Exchange 6&7 HEX)
  • Equinix Munich MU1
  • Equinix Stockholm (Telecity, Bromma)
  • Equinix Zurich ZH1

Equinix facilities (North America)

  • Equinix Ashburn DC2
  • Equinix Chicago CH1
  • Equinix Dallas DA1
  • Equinix Los Angeles LA1
  • Equinix New York NY9
  • Equinix Palo Alto SV8
  • Equinix Philadelphia PH1
  • Equinix San Jose SV1
  • Equinix Seattle SE1
  • Equinix Toronto TR1

Equinix facilities (South America)

  • Equinix Sao Paulo SP2

Digital Realty & Telx facilities (North America)

  • Digital Realty Atlanta (Telx ATL1)
  • Digital Realty Chicago (Telx CHI1)
  • Digital Realty Phoenix (Telx PHX1)
  • Digital Realty New York (Telx NYC1)
  • Digital Realty New York (Telx NYC2)
  • Digital Realty San Francisco (365 Main)
  • Digital Realty San Francisco (SFR1 200 Paul)
  • Digital Realty Saint Louis (900 Walnut)
  • Digital Realty St. Louis (210 Tucker)

Interxion facilities (Europe)

  • Interxion Brussels BRU1
  • Interxion Copenhagen CPH1 (Ballerup)
  • Interxion Dusseldorf DUS1
  • Interxion Frankfurt FRA1
  • InterXion Madrid MAD1
  • Interxion Marseille (SFR Netcenter)
  • Interxion Paris PAR2 (Aubervilliers)
  • Interxion Vienna VIE1

Cologix facilities (North America)

  • Cologix Columbus (DataCenterBZ)
  • Cologix Dallas
  • Cologix Minneapolis
  • Cologix Montreal
  • Cologix Toronto TOR1
  • Cologix Vancouver

CoreSite facilities (North America)

  • Coresite Chicago CH1
  • Coresite Denver (Comfluent)
  • CoreSite Los Angeles (One Wilshire)
  • Coresite New York NY1
  • Coresite Reston VA1
  • Coresite San Jose

Telehouse facilities

  • Telehouse East London
  • Telehouse New York Chelsea
  • Telehouse Paris (Voltaire)

Itconic facilities (Europe; formerly Telvent)

  • Itconic Barcelona
  • Itconic Lisbon

CE Colo facilities (Europe)

  • CE Colo Budapest
  • CE Colo Prague (Sitel)