A Dozen New POPs in 6 months (January to June, 2016)

We’ve added a dozen new global Points of Presence (POPs) to our global IP Transit network in the first six months of 2016 — with more coming soon!

  1. July 18: Teraco, Johannesburg, South Africa — our fifth continent!
  2. June 19: Interxion, Brussels/Zaventum, Belgium
  3. June 13: Neutral Path, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
  4. June  6: Chief Telecom LY, Taipei, Taiwan
  5. May 27: ACT, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  6. May 16: LuxConnect, Bettembourg, Luxembourg
  7. Feb 22: Equinix SP2, Sao Paulo, Brazil — our fourth continent!
  8. Feb 15: Itconic, Lisbon, Portugal
  9. Feb  8: Elion/Eesti Telecom, Tallinn, Estonia
  10. Feb  1: Data Logistics Ctr, Vilnius, Lithuania
  11. Jan 25: DR Fortress, Honolulu, Hawaii
  12. Jan 20: LVRTC, Riga, Latvia
  13. Jan 14: Digita DC, Helsinki, Finland

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We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring! [Updated August 2016]  Hurricane Electric is always looking for new employees who are the “right fit”  for our unique company in Fremont, California. (But do not reply to this post to apply! Follow the instructions.)

Note:  We generally don’t hire “remote workers”; we don’t pay for relocation; we don’t sponsor work visas; we rarely hire interns. Continue reading

Now Hiring: Network Engineer

 Now Hiring: Network Engineer


Location: South Bay Area – Fremont, California

[Update, December 2015: Yes, we are still hiring!]

Hurricane Electric seeks a network engineer to join our Operations team in operating and expanding our global Internet backbone.

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New POPs in New York, Chicago, and Reston

Hurricane Electric continues to expand our network, by adding three new Points of Presence (POPs) in three CoreSite data centers:

  • New York City, NY – CoreSite NY1, 32 Avenue of the Americas
  • Chicago, IL – CoreSite CH1, 427 S. LaSalle
  • Reston, VA – CoreSite VA1, 12100 Sunrise Valley Dr

We now have five POPs in New York City, three POPs in Chicago, and two POPs near Washington, DC (Ashburn and Reston, VA).


Hurricane Electric Adds 17 More POPs

Over the past seven months, we’ve added 17 new network POPs (Points of Presence):

  1. Telvent in Barcelona, Spain (December 5)
  2. Telecity AMS2 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (December 3)
  3. Global Switch in Singapore (November 17)
  4. Equinix in Frankfurt, Germany (November 13)
  5. Interxion in Dusseldorf, Germany (November 10)
  6. Global Connect in Hamburg, Germany (November 6)
  7. Digital Realty, 210 Tucker in St. Louis, Missouri (November 3)
  8. Digital Realty, 900 Walnut in St. Louis, Missouri (November 3)
  9. Colo Atl, 55 Marietta in Atlanta, Georgia (September 24)
  10. Telecity Kilcarbery Park, Dublin, Ireland (DUB1) (September 18)
  11. Digital Realty’s 365 Main in San Francisco, California (August 25);
  12. Equinix in Hong Kong, China  (August 18);
  13. Equinix MU1 in Munich, Germany (August 11);
  14. Nebraska Colocation Centers (NCC) in Omaha, Nebraska (August 4);
  15. DC74 Data Center in Charlotte, North Carolina (July 30);
  16. Markley/One Summer Street in Boston, Massachusetts (June 3); and
  17. SFR Netcenter data center in Marseille, France (May 6).

At all locations, we offer 100Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet,  10GE, and 100Gbps service.

Call 510-580-4190 or email sales@he.net for more information.

For our complete Network Map, click here: he.net__Hurricane_Electric_Geographic_Network_Map Also, don’t forget to follow us on:


New: Free HE.net Network Tools App for iOS and Android

We’ve just released a free HE.net Network Tools mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

This app brings a range of networking tools to mobile devices in a single app, available free through Apple’s AppStore and Google Play.

The HE.net Network Tools app includes the following functions:

  • Interface Information: Get information regarding your device’s current network state.
  • ARP / NDP: Lookup local devices found on your network using either ARP (IPv4) or NDP (IPv6).
  • DNS lookup: Search for a server’s DNS zone records such as SOA, NS, A, AAAA, MX, TXT, and rDNS.
  • IP Calculator: Calculate the Netmask, Wildcard, Network, Host range, and Broadcast for a given subnet.
  • Ping: Send ICMP packets to a single IPv4/v6 address.
  • Ping Sweep: Send ICMP packets to an entire subnet range.
  • Traceroute: Find the route packets take to reach your destination.
  • Progressive Traceroute: Get detailed statistics for a given route.
  • TCP Port Scan: Scan a list of custom or pre-defined TCP ports on any server.
  • Whois: Get information regarding domain registration.

No Ads!  There are no advertising banners or links in the app!

For more information, see:

You can also see a short preview of the mobile app on YouTube, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dIOm4w8qJM 

We’ve also added a section on our forums.he.net web site for questions & discussions about the HE.net Network Tools mobile app.


Images: menu screens for iPhone (left) and Android (right) 

he-net-tools-iphone-main        he-net-tools-android-menu