Helpful Hints For HE Colocation Customers

Careful positioning of equipment in rack – Heat rises. That’s a fact we all know and understand, but it’s a fact that is often forgotten when servers are placed in a rack. Today’s servers pack a lot of hardware into ever-smaller enclosures and increasing care must be taken to ensure the airflow in the cabinet is adequate. We recommend using empty vertical space between pieces of equipment to maximize airflow, with equipment generating the most heat placed toward the bottom of the cabinet. Care should also be taken not to block the vent at the top of the cabinet, as that is the optimum path for the escape of warm air.

In our new colocation Suite 1200 we have implemented a hot and cold aisle arrangement. Cold air from the air conditioners is forced through one aisle while an updraft removes hot air on the next. You should position your equipment so that the intake fans are facing the cold aisle side and the exhaust fans the hot side.

Did You Know?
Our support staff can check the temperature in and around your cabinet for you.