Hurricane Electric & YouTube

Many moons ago, president of Hurricane Electric Mike Leber had the idea that YouTube webcasts could be another way that customers would like to connect with HE.  That idea came to fruition in August of 2010.

We’ve been an early leader in the world of IPv6 and it followed easily that updates on v6 news, strategy, and planning would be an asset to our customer base.

If you take a look at the older webcasts, you might chuckle.  Actually, you’ll probably point your finger at the computer screen and laugh wildly at the quality, or lack thereof, in the earliest webcasts.  But as with many YouTube channels that eventually find their niche, the Hurricane Electric YouTube channel has improved over the months in video and broadcast quality.

From the IANA IPv4 global pool depletion to setting up v6 in the home to true dual stack compatibility, Hurricane Electric webcasts have offered the very latest in IPv6 developments.

We’re always looking to share the success stories that our customers have enjoyed.  If your organization has used Hurricane Electric services to transition to IP Next Generation (IPng) a.k.a. IPv6, we’d be interested in hearing about it.  Send a message to the YouTube channel and we can set up an interview or meeting.