Getting Ready for IPv6

Setting Up a Tunnel Broker for Your Workplace

Even if the ISP through which you receive Internet service does not yet support IPv6, you can use the free Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker to connect your IPv6-enabled network to the IPv6 Internet and other IPv6 servers and networks.

How Does a Tunnel Broker Work?
A Tunnel Broker provides a service that encapsulates IPv6 packets inside IPv4 packets, allowing them to pass through networks using older IPv4 routers and switches.

How to Use the Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker
Use of the Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker is simple and free. Visit our web site and fill out the registration form. In minutes you will be connected to the IPv6 Internet. While you are there, take some time to enroll in our free IPv6 certification program!

Hurricane Electric and IPv6
With close to ten years of experience, Hurricane Electric is leading the Internet industry in the integration and deployment of IPv6 with a global reach and more BGP adjacencies (an industry-accepted method of measuring IPv6 deployment) than any other Internet provider. Since 2007, Hurricane Electric core routers and backbone have supported both IPv4 and IPv6 in native mode. All Hurricane Electric network servers, including DNS, SMTP and NTP, are IPv6-compliant. Throughout the US, Europe and Asia, each point-of-presence (POP) within the HE network is IPv6-enabled. The result of this planning, development and deployment is that IPv6 is available today to all Hurricane Electric colocation, transit and dedicated server customers.